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About Us

Baddeh Solutions is a team of experienced Engineers with over 15 years in Software & Web Development.

With a rich portfolio we gained trust with our clients and made lot of success stories.

At Baddeh Solutions, we help you not only in developing your Software or Website but also in setting the right requirements for your tool, develop it, and promote it.

Get your online website for any requirements wether to optimize your business operation, get reporting, accounting, statistics, communicate with your customers, archive your documents or sell your products online.


For Software development, we use Google cloud services, Firebase, angular, Dart, Flutter, to develop any website you wish.

We are experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and cutting-edge technologies which will make your experience with us like no other.

For Web Development, we will choose the right framework for your website. From the platforms used we are experts in Wordpress and Prestashop. Your website can be customized upon your requests. We don't just take a template and apply it, but we customize it to fit with any requirements you wish using Javascript, TPL, HTML, CSS and more.

Your website will be optimized for fast loading and made secure.

We will help you in integrating all necessary marketing tools to boost your sales and know your customers.